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Learn Indian Dining Etiquette and Manners

Did you know that you can get literally frowned upon if you take the first bite ahead of older people in Indian dining? And that’s not the only unwritten rule when it comes to Indian dining. That’s why it’s important to learn Indian table etiquette and manners. First rule: dress properly. Unlike in many western countries, you should NOT feel free to dress scantily when dining in India with the locals. Though almost any kind and style of clothing is allowed nowadays, it is still best to […]

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Learn Indian Cuisine

When I hear curry, I always think of Indian curry. And to tell you honestly, there had been a time when I thought that it’s the national food of the seventh largest country on the planet. But thanks to my job as a researcher, I’ve begun to learn Indian culture more. With over 20 states, each of which has its own sort of staple food, India sure has contributed a lot in the culinary world. And I found it fascinating that Indian food not only have curious […]

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Learn Indian Recipes

There are literally hundreds of food choices that make up the Indian cuisine. India, a nation that has undergone a widespread diaspora of peoples and cultures, boasts of a high-quality cuisine that has evolved from many food influences. It is best known for the creative blend of spices and local vegetables brought in from different parts of the country. There is a wide array of viands or dishes in every region, therefore making Indian cuisine variable depending on the place. Interesting, huh? On this site, we will […]

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