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Regional Cuisine of India – Tasting East India

East India, with a complex history that includes long periods of European colonization, has developed culinary traditions that reflect centuries of tradition and a variety of cultural influences. In addition to the various cultures that have been assimilated into the cuisine of the region, the geography also has influenced the development of the culinary traditions of East India, as has the climate. Portuguese and Spanish explorers first brought the spices of India to widespread European use in the 15th and 16th centuries, inspiring European political and economic […]

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Learn Indian Cuisine

When I hear curry, I always think of Indian curry. And to tell you honestly, there had been a time when I thought that it’s the national food of the seventh largest country on the planet. But thanks to my job as a researcher, I’ve begun to learn Indian culture more. With over 20 states, each of which has its own sort of staple food, India sure has contributed a lot in the culinary world. And I found it fascinating that Indian food not only have curious […]

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