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Learn Indian Dining Etiquette and Manners

Did you know that you can get literally frowned upon if you take the first bite ahead of older people in Indian dining? And that’s not the only unwritten rule when it comes to Indian dining. That’s why it’s important to learn Indian table etiquette and manners. First rule: dress properly. Unlike in many western countries, you should NOT feel free to dress scantily when dining in India with the locals. Though almost any kind and style of clothing is allowed nowadays, it is still best to […]

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Indian Recipes and Indian Spices History

For centuries south asian region has been rich. Rich with it’s spices and food recipes. For years, the region lured various different crusaders to invade the region over centuries. Beginning from the 14th century, the moghuls invaded and ruled, what is today the Indian subcontinent, for over three centuries. And then came the marvelous voyages of Christopher Columbus taking upon the arduous long voyage and Vasco De Gama of Portugal, all because of the lure of rich and vast variety of spices in the sub-continent. Vast fortunes […]

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Indian Cookery With a British Twist

In a traditional Indian home, the wife and mother does not go out to work. She stays at home and spends her days making sure that there is wholesome and tasty food ready for her family to eat whenever they may want it. If there are other older women in the household such as aunts or a grandmother, they will help too. An Indian girl will start learning to cook at a very early age and will be expected to help her mother with the household catering […]

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