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“Man-Thing” #1

Man-Thing has been a delicate property of Marvel’s for decades. Though not as successful as his DC counterpart, Swamp Thing, Man Thing has a cult following mainly due to his run by the incomparable Steve Gerber in the 70’s. Now, Marvel’s pulled in mainstream horror writer R.L. Stine of Goosebumps fame to bring the character back into the spotlight. But can Stine emulate the success of Gerber’s run? Written by R. L. Stine Illustrated by German Peralta MARVEL WELCOMES R.L. STINE! Beloved writer [Read Entire Story]

xXx: Return of Xander Cage Review

xXx: Return of Xander Cage serves up all the expected over-the-top action, but it won’t win the series any new fans due to various shortcomings. When a satellite crashes to Earth and causes the deaths of many people, the CIA learns that the incident was a strategic attack perpetrated by terrorists who have acquired a device called Pandora’s Box. The item has the ability to control military satellites, and the fear is that more strikes will happen across the country if Pandora’s [Read Entire Story]

Reviews: The Facts of Life

The Facts of Life, Paula Knight, Myriad Editions Polly (essentially an avatar for author Paula herself) and April are bestest friends, two little girls growing up in the Britain of the 1970s, a very different time in many respects from today. As the play innocently and chat we see not just the simple delights of children happily doing what kids do, but we also start to see how, even at this early stage of development, certain ideas and norms start to impose themselves into their young lives. [Read Entire Story]

The Shallows Review

The Shallows serves up plenty of thrills and scares, but it prioritizes taut storytelling over character building. After her mother dies of an illness, medical school student Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) takes a much-needed vacation to the beaches of Mexico, where she hopes to find peace by surfing on the waters. Even though her friend cannot accompany her – leading to a dangerous situation of surfing alone – Nancy still takes to the waves, befriending some of the locals and enjoying [Read Entire Story]

The Phoenix Weekender – Issue 233

This issue’s cover is by Fred Fordham, a suitably moody atmospheric piece from The Adventures Of John Blake: The Mystery Of The Ghost Ship. Inside, the John Blake strip by Philip Pullman and Fred Fordham finally answers the question of “where the heck is John Blake anyway?” Unsurprisingly it turns out he’s one of the time-lost crew of the ghost ship, The Mary Alice. Again, not unsurprisingly Blake’s the one who pulls the girl out of the sea after she fell overboard [Read Entire Story]

Mlais M4 Note review – amazing value for $159

Chinese (handset makers) are coming and they seem ready to take on the Korean giants. Just last week, I got a chance to play with the Mlais M4 Note, a phablet-sized device that offers an amazing bang for the buck. That’s $159 for those who count. At first glance, the M4 Note looks like a… Read more SOURCE: IntoMobile - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Martian Aviator B10 review: regular looking watch with a brain

These days we get to see a number of different smart watches. There are those that look and act like small computers, running a kind of specialized operating system, like Apple Watch, Samsung’s Tizen watches, Pebble and an array of Android Wear devices. Products made by Martian are different. First and foremost they look like… Read more SOURCE: IntoMobile - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is a faithful adaptation of the fan-favorite 1987 animated series – for better and for worse. In the aftermath of Shredder’s attack on New York City, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles returned to the shadows – persuading Channel 6 cameraman Vernon Fenwick (Will Arnett) to take sole credit for saving the city. Though they long to live above ground with their fellow New Yorkers, the Turtles believe that humanity isn’t ready to [Read Entire Story]

Me Before You Review

Me Before You‘s reliance on formula prevents it from being as compelling as it could have been. In Me Before You, carefree daredevil Will Traynor’s (Sam Claflin) life drastically changes after he’s in an accident that paralyzes him from the waist down. After two years confined in a wheelchair, Will has developed a very poor (and bitter) attitude towards his parents. In an attempt to turn things around, Will’s family places a help ad for a caretaker – someone who [Read Entire Story]

Review | Everlane Poplin Square Shirt Dress

Everlane Poplin square shirt dress | size 6 (IRL the dress is a darker navy more like it appears on Everlane’s site – I lightened up the photos a bit to show more detail)Birkenstock Arizona SandalsThis is not my dress;  I wanted to buy some things for my sister with the credits I have at Everlane and this is one of the items she chose.  I had them delivered to my house since she’ll be here next week, and I couldn’t resist trying this on, just to see how it fit.And I like [Read Entire Story]

Review: Shine laser light Bluetooth headphones

IEC Technology — which has offices in Shenzhen, China and London, UK — has recently launched its laser-light based Bluetooth stereophonic headsets, called Shine, on Kickstarter. We had a chance to try them out before the general public, and this article is all about our experience with the product. But first, let’s look at Shine’s… Read more SOURCE: IntoMobile - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Today @KirkusReviews…

...I talk about Brian Conaghan's When Mr. Dog Bites: He’s a fan of wordplay, and has developed his own personal slang, a creative combination of stream-of-consciousness, cockney rhyming, pop-culture references, and plain-old Scottish teenager. All that, when peppered with the unintentional vocalizations that fly when he’s nervous or upset, guarantees that you’ve never read anyone quite like him. SOURCE: bookshelves of doom - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

LG X Screen Review

Are two screens better than one? Picking a flagship phone is often a choice between a handful of established brands. Similarly looking at budget devices can boil down to getting the best price for a chosen minimum specification. What about the middle of the pack though? You want a smartphone that’s going to last a couple of years but don’t want to break the bank. You want to save money but also make the most of what you do spend. There’s a huge array of devices to choose from that sit around the [Read Entire Story]

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition Review (PS4)

Though it came out several years ago on PC and has come out on many different platforms in the years since, the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft is my first experience with the cultural phenomenon. I know it’s kind of like video game LEGOs and a bit like Garry’s Mod, but after finally giving the game the time it deserves, I ended up playing 40 hours of it before I even realized how hooked on the game I was. Unlike Garry’s Mod, which is a game that allows you to come up with limitless games, [Read Entire Story]