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Get Inside Your Lover’s Head… And Blow Their Mind!

One of the most useful — and simple — things I’ve ever learned to help strengthen romantic relationships is Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages. It’s such a good shortcut to understanding your partner, and I’ve mentioned it in passing before, but I recently looked into it a little deeper and wanted to share some of my discoveries with you. So what are the 5 Love Languages and what the hell does that mean? Each person has one primary and one secondary love [Read Entire Story]

Finding Dory Products for your Kids

My daughter is obsessed with Finding Dory. She can’t wait to see the movie on June 17th. We’ve actually told our 7 year old Henry that Finding Dory is opening (just for him) on the 17th because it’s his birthday! Here’s the funny thing, Finding Dory… well, Dory in particular is EVERYWHERE right now! I mean, EVERYWHERE. I went to Target yesterday with Victoria to grab some home essentials… every aisle we turned down had something “Dory” themed. [Read Entire Story]

Muhammad Ali Biopic ‘Ali’ Is Returning to Theaters This Weekend

In honor of the late great Muhammad Ali, Sony’s Muhammad Ali biopic, Ali, will be shown in a few hundred locations nationwide this weekend. The film, originally released back in 2001, was directed by Michael Mann and starred Will Smith—who received an Oscar nomination for his role as the boxing legend. “The film truly honors everything that made Ali one of the central figures of our time, a man who commanded his sport but whose personal faith and principles made him mean so much [Read Entire Story]

Simple Jambalaya Recipe

*Sheri McShane is a contributor for! Sheri has the blog: When the Kids Go to Bed. We’re heating things up in the kitchen this week! My husband and I went out to dinner a month ago and all he could talk about for weeks was the jambalaya he ordered. It was something he never tried before. I figured I better try making it at home and boy it was a success. I never realized how simple it was. I’ve made two batches; one with a sweet sausage and one with hot. Both were delicious, it [Read Entire Story]