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Google Support may offer live help with screen-sharing for Nexus devices

Word on the street is that Google wants to position its Nexus brand on a track that will see it attain wider adoption from smartphone buyers out there in the real world, instead of simply being enthusiast devices. To help get there, Google wants to offer a full-range of features, including ones that will apparently be Nexus-only. That includes a brand new app that’s currently being called Google Support. As noted by Android Police, the app will apparently be a “Nexus [Read Entire Story]

Deal: Get an original Chromebook Pixel for just $398.99 (open box)

Three years after its introduction, the Chromebook Pixel remains an awesome piece of hardware. The Pixel was so advanced for its time that it’s still better than many Chromebooks out there – and quite a few laptops. It was also extremely expensive.If you couldn’t justify paying $1300 for a Chromebook Pixel up until now, now you can own a piece of computing history, not to mention a solid laptop, for just $400.eBay seller Melofone (98.4% positive rating) offers an open box Google Chromebook Pixel [Read Entire Story]

Android TV finally adds Netflix to its universal search

You would think that a video on demand streaming app as big as Netflix would actually be included in Android TV’s universal search feature. But, for some reason or another, it wasn’t before. But now finally, there is an added Netflix button in the search results so if whatever video content it is you’re looking for, you’ll finally know if it’s available on Netflix (or not). This can be finally be found when the Android TV update rolls out to you. If you’re just planning on getting the Android [Read Entire Story]

YouTube has a new way to save on data costs for Android users in India

It’s not uncommon for YouTube fans in India to switch to lower resolution playback so they can save on mobile data charges; carriers’ fees have been high for years and aren’t much cheaper even in 2016. Google hopes to help with that by introducing a new feature in YouTube’s Android app, called Smart Offline. It lets you download videos to your device only during those hours when mobile data is less expensive – usually after midnight and before dawn. To use it, find [Read Entire Story]

Google to mirror Apple’s App Store revenue split – a year earlier – as questions remain

It seems Apple isn’t going to be alone in offering a better deal to developers of subscription-based apps. The same day Phil Schiller revealed that developers will receive 85% of subscription revenue from year two, Re/code reports (and TNW confirms) that Google will be offering the same deal to Android developers – but with one big difference … more…Filed under: AAPL Company, iOS Tagged: App Store, Google, Phil Schiller SOURCE: 9to5Mac - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Google Home

A little over a year ago, Amazon launched Echo, an always-connected speaker/hub that allowed owners to receive answers to questions, hear the news, get the weather, and much more without pressing a button. Now, Google has released a competitor: Home. Google Home is a similar always-listening speaker that can respond to your questions, fire up some […] SOURCE: Cool Material - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Google to reveal Android N soon as #NameAndroidN submission ends

Google I/O is over and there's still no announcement on what's going to be our next Android N. We heard Google employees are internally calling it as 'NYC' so we thought it could be New York Cheesecake but then it's too long. Android N Developer Preview has rolled out already and is now ready for numerous phone models. In fact, several updates have been released as well. The mockup images we saw a few months earlier predicted the future. Android N Previews are available for Android One’s [Read Entire Story]