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Developer Submission: Use Client DVD to enjoy video and audio files playback!

Are you looking for a multiformat player that allows to play files from DVDs? Then you found exactly what you need! Client DVD supports all popular audio and video formats. With this app watch videos in .MKV, .VOB, .QT, .FLV, .AVI, .MP4, .MPG, .WEBM or listen to music in .MP3, WMA, .WAVE, .OGG and in many others. Client DVD also plays files from DVDs, so you can watch favorite movies without any problems! Moreover with Client DVD you can get not only perfect playback, but also a number of [Read Entire Story]

Google Voice gets a fresh coat of paint and group messaging features

After five long years, Google has finally updated its Voice service that lets you use a bevy of useful telephony features like voicemail transcription with a single phone number. The biggest change is the design: Across its Web, Android and iOS apps, Google Voice now features a revamped inbox that’s in line with its current simple and colorful design language. You’ll now find text messages, calls and voicemails grouped into their own separate tabs, along with threaded conversations in each. The [Read Entire Story]

Facebook Live Will Soon Get Snapchat-Like Filters

One of the features of Snapchat is its filters which allows users to turn themselves into cats, dogs, squash their faces, swap faces, and so on. These are fun filters that help enhance the user experience and in turn make users want to keep using the app, especially with Snapchat constantly adding new filters over time.Now it looks like Facebook is stepping up their game because during VidCon, Facebook announced that Facebook Live will soon be getting Snapchat-like filters. This is courtesy of [Read Entire Story]

Dear Netflix: 7 reasons offline video support make sense

Less than two years ago, Netflix told the world that offline video was “never going to happen,’’ indicating it would rather improve the infractructure to allow streaming inmore places. Recently, the company has been backtracking, and that’s a great thing for everyone. Back in April, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that the company had to “keep an open mind” about the issue. Then just yesterday, a report with quotes from several industry insiders indicated the feature [Read Entire Story]