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Cross-posted, the web’s oldest site devoted to general-interest news and views on ebooks and related matters, has just moved back to Please rejoin all of us there if you haven’t already: Editor Chris Meadows (photo), Associate Editor Paul StJohn Mackintosh, Senior Writer Joanna Cabot, Contributing Writer Susan Lulgjuraj, and me. A former poverty beat reporter in an Ohio steel town, I founded TeleRead two decades ago to advocate well-stocked national digital [Read Entire Story]

Catching up with Max Allan Collins

1. Tell us about your current novel. There are a couple of things that will become available soon. One is the complete version of the ROAD TO PERDITION novel. It was written in 2002 to accompany the release of the film, but DreamWorks licensing made me do a drastic cutting/rewrite, eliminating 30,000 words and any dialogue or action that wasn't included in the book. I am very grateful to Brash Booksfor negotiating with DreamWorks for the real, complete novel to finally be published. About the [Read Entire Story]

30% Off Everything in the Book Riot Store!

Who needs a reason? We know you’re 100% awesome, so we’re giving you 30% off in the Book Riot Store. Use code HAPPY30 at checkout. SOURCE: BOOK RIOT - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for January 23rd, 2017

We have few hardcover copies of one of our favorite books of 2016 to give away: The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. Go here to enter for a chance to win, or just click the image below. Good luck! Today’s Featured Deal Doc by Mary Doria Russell for $1.99. Get it here or just click the cover image below: A Couple of Other Deals to Tempt You… The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson for $2.99. Get it here or just click the cover image below: Holes by Louis [Read Entire Story]

An Introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy of History: The Road to Progress Runs First Through Dark Times

The question of whether or not genuine human progress is possible, or desirable, lies at the heart of many a radical post-Enlightenment philosophical project. More pessimistic philosophers have, unsurprisingly, doubted it. Arthur Schopenhauer, cast baleful suspicion on the idea. Danish Existentialist Soren Kierkegaard thought of collective progress toward a more enlightened state an unlikely prospect. One modern critic of progress, pessimistic English philosopher John Gray, writes in his book [Read Entire Story]

This Week in Books: Tainted Witness: Why We Doubt What Women Say about Their Lives

Welcome to This Week in Books, where we highlight books just released by small and independent presses. Books have always been a symbol for and means of spreading knowledge and wisdom, and they are an important part of our toolkit in fighting for social justice. If we’re going to move our national narrative away from one of hate and fear, we need books that display empathy, that help us understand different points of view, that show us we aren’t alone, that feed our spirits. This week, we’ll [Read Entire Story]

Confronting the Intolerable

THIS IS THE SECOND in a series of dialogues with artists, writers, and critical thinkers on the question of violence. This conversation is with the Austrian-born artist, photographer, and director Gottfried Helnwein. ¤ ¤ BRAD EVANS: What is it about violence that continues to capture your attention as an artist? GOTTFRIED HELNWEIN: For me, art is the most direct and efficient way to approach the difficult questions and complex realities of existence. The reason for my decision to become an [Read Entire Story]

The Crowds That Mattered

Even the Trump administration couldn’t ignore the march, or deny its existence as so much fake news: 500,000 people assembled in the capital, as well millions more in other cities across the country and around the world. Trump had seen us, and that was something. More important, we had stood with hundreds of thousands of other Americans determined to resist him. SOURCE: The New York Review of Books - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Blog Tour! Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper by “Gusto” Dave Jackson & Janet “The Kid” Fogg

Misfortune Annie and the Locomotive Reaper Co-Written by “Gusto” Dave Jackson & Janet “The Kid” Fogg 154 Pages – ages 8+ Published by FA LLC on October 22, 2016 Synopsis from Publisher- “Annabelle Fortune, the fastest gunslinger in the wild west, inadvertently stops a stranger from attacking a train — and he wears a suit that enables him to fly! — the government believes she’s the only one to have witnessed the Locomotive Reaper and [Read Entire Story]

Michelle & Courtney – #IRLove Catalyst Couple

Avon Romance is thrilled to partner with Catalyst Wedding Co. to highlight true life love stories on our page in a new feature we’re calling #IRLove. Every few weeks, we will post a personal vignette, each reflecting the many beautiful, diverse ways we can find our own HEA in the real world. Our first #CatalystCouple is Michelle and Courtney, and their very special race for the golden ring! Michelle & Courtney. Photo credit: Carolyn Scott Photography We met during college; Michelle was a [Read Entire Story]

Lunch in Paris: A Love Story with Recipes – Elizabeth Bard

I don't even know where to begin. That's what taking a good four years off reviewing will get you. A shriveled brain. Hi. I'm Mindy. As a very few of you may remember, I started up this blog back in 2008, but took some time off a few years ago after the birth of my fourth hairy hooligan, ostensibly so that I could spend time with said hooligans. I got called to be Relief Society President within a year. That may not mean anything to some of you, but the rest of you are thinking., "OH [Read Entire Story]

Hours the thirteenth through eighteenth.

And thence to bed. I got really wrapped up in The Trespasser. SOMEBODY HERE IS CROOKED. And my copy is trade paperback, so the pages take forEVER to read and I kept thinking I was nearly done but that's only because the part I had already read was so thick. I also got wrapped up in the bean dip again, in the rice pudding, and in the cookies. SOURCE: books i done read - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]


Victoria. Daisy Goodwin. 2016. 404 pages. Source: Library First sentence: A shaft of dawn light fell on the crack in the corner of the ceiling. Premise/plot: Victoria by Daisy Goodwin fictionally chronicles the early years of Victoria's reign. The book's prologue sets the stage for booing and hissing of Sir John Conroy and the Duchess. The final chapter has Victoria proposing marriage to the visiting Prince Albert. In between expect a lot of drama and flirtation. The book was written around the [Read Entire Story]

"True, child worries about a prized ribbon being cut in half don’t measure up to adult anxieties about job security or rent increases, but that…

At Avidly: Cleary is just one example of an author who wrote for a certain age range, but whose writing can benefit and engage the ages beyond. As a kid reader, Mr. and Mrs. Quimby’s worries about money and jobs and childcare was brushed aside by me as “boring parent stuff,” because while Cleary was validating the idea that all kids worry about their parents on some level and while her books could be a way for kids to talk to their parents about these anxieties, I just wanted to get back to [Read Entire Story]

Is Amazon Trying to Kill Interactive E-Books?

My colleague Chris was asking just a few days ago why people are not ‘innovating’ in e-books these days. Well, here’s why: Amazon doesn’t want us to. They seem to be cracking down on titles which deviate from plain-old text formats. Exhibit A: I received an email yesterday informing me that Amazon was pulling my one and only actually-selling book from the Kindle store. Why? As their email explains: “Books you have published are intended to be interactive but require [Read Entire Story]

Stark House Mystery Classics – Ed Gorman

Pick up a copy of Stark House's beautiful The Autumn Dead / The Night Remembers volume from Amazon today! SOURCE: Ed Gorman's blog - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

An Open Letter to a Novel I Was Certain I’d Love (and Didn’t)

I remember the day we met. No—I remember the days before we met. I heard all about you. My friends were all talking about how awesome you sounded, and then how awesome you were once they got they got to know you. I looked up pictures of you on the internet. I read about you in blogs and news sites and just kept wondering when I’d have the time and disposable income to make you mine. Those were heady days, full of anticipation. Because let’s be honest, you sounded like the perfect match from me. [Read Entire Story]

Dystopian YA Tropes and the 2016 Presidential Election

When it comes to politics, there’s nothing like dystopian YA books to hold up a mirror to life. In the oh-so-exciting 2016 American election cycle, the line between fiction and reality might have started to blur. Are these 10 classic dystopian YA elements really so different from the 2016 U.S. election cycle? 1. When you come of age, you must choose your Group. Everyone must belong to a Group. Not belonging to a Group is a type of Group. These are your people now. You will agree with them [Read Entire Story]

Moby Lets You Download 4 Hours of Ambient Music to Help You Sleep, Meditate, Do Yoga & Not Panic

Wikipedia Creative Commons Image by Alkivar Back in May, I wrote about the damaging effects stress has on the body, and the scientifically-validated power of yoga and meditation to undo them. Following close behind stress as a chronic contributor to illness is sleeplessness, which the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School links to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and shortened life expectancy. Add to all these risks the problems of poor productivity and disorganized [Read Entire Story]

How to Understand ISIS

In his best-selling History of the Arab Peoples, published two years before his death in 1993, the Anglo-Lebanese scholar Albert Hourani remarked on the surprising levels of political stability prevailing in the Arab world at that time. Despite the rapid growth of its cities, and many disparities of wealth between the governing elites and newly urbanized masses who were calling for social justice, calm seemed to rule, at least on the surface. The events of 2011 saw a cataclysmic change in this [Read Entire Story]

Review! Leaf and Echo Peak by Jo Marshall

Leaf and Echo Peak Series: Twig Stories #4 (#1, 2, 3) Written by Jo Marshall Illustrated by D.W. Murray 258 pages – ages 8+ Published by CreateSpace on February 20, 2016 Synopsis- Leaf and the Twigs are back! Twigs are creatures made from living wood that take care of their birth tree, and are gentle, peace-loving “people”. When their entire homeland is threatened by a force that they had never even heard of, it is a desperate dash to get all of the Twigs and animals out of the [Read Entire Story]

The hand who rocks the royal cradle…The Royal Nanny

Today Karen Harper discussed her upcoming Wm Morrow trade paperback, The Royal Nanny, on sale June 21st.  I used to enjoy the TV show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  Maybe that’s one reason the British royal families have always fascinated me.  I’ve written several novels about real royal women, their lives and loves.  I must admit another title for my new historical novel THE ROYAL NANNY could be “Lifestyles of the Rich and Royal—their romances and their secrets.” The Rich and Royal were [Read Entire Story]