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Radio Garden: World Radio Everywhere at Your Fingertips

Screen capture of Radio Garden website. My Cape Verdean friend Evelise Gomes told me about a world radio website called Radio Garden a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have much of a chance to check it out. Then another friend Pat Darrin just reminded me of it. After playing around on the site, I am completely blown away. On Radio Garden, you tune in and point your cursor wherever in the world you want to hear LIVE local radio, and you’re there. Radio Garden only started in December 2016, [Read Entire Story]

Show #164: Music to Be Cool, Stay Cool

With Palm Springs the same temperature as Saudi Arabia or Rajasthan, here are eleven songs to help keep your cool. We begin with a cool blues by Charlie Parker called…what else, “Cool Blues.” Then the great singer/humorist Oscar Brown, Jr. tries to stay cool as calamity hems him in. We follow it with a stoner song by Rasputin’s Stash from the 1970′s, “Mr. Cool.” Albert Collins helps bring the temperature even lower with “Iceman” after [Read Entire Story]

How Dizzy Gillespie and U.S. V.P. Dan Quayle’s Business Card Saved A Great Cuban Trumpeter

Sandoval and Gillespie It’s not easy to be a jazz musician – or anything but a classical musician - in Cuba.  It’s like the former Soviet Union, where jazz was forbidden and banned. Stalin sent Russia’s Louis Armstrong, Eddie Rosner, to the gulag (Soviet jazz fans called Satchmo the American Eddie Rosner). It’s hard enough to even get a decent instrument if you’re a young Cuban musician; and since you have to learn classical music exclusively, try to make Bach [Read Entire Story]

More Anecdotes From the Basement

  Last week, KCRW held a celebration and launch for our new “Morning Becomes Eclectic” photo book, From the Basement, which features musicians and artists who have visited our basement studios over the past 30 years. (Big thanks to Bill Turner for letting us use his gallery at Bergamot Station for the party. And it was great hearing the train whistle and the Expo Line rolling by.) At the event, Chris Douridas, Jason Bentley, and I were each asked to share one anecdote from our days [Read Entire Story]