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What Zelda can learn from Skyrim

While the original Legend Of Zelda was definitely a pioneer in terms of a game being set in an open world, it’s the upcoming Breath of the Wild where the series has truly embraced what the genre is known for today. With a sweeping landscape and the always appealing selling point of ‘if you see it, you can travel there’, in many ways it’s brand new territory for Nintendo. And with that comes a lot of anticipation, excitement and intrigue.

A franchise that’s been doing this – and doing it very successfully for years – is, of course, Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls. With its established template yet ever evolving nature, the RPG has proven to be a monster hit, the recently remastered Skyrim sitting happily on top of this heap.

It’s not too far out of the realms of common sense to say that next year’s Zelda has taken a wry peek to see how this empire was built, and that certainly isn’t a poor move either. In fact, there’s a lot Zelda can actually learn from Skyrim as it takes this most bold of new steps. Following through with these ideas may actually help it no end.

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