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Warcraft movie trumps Star Wars: Force Awakens in China

The Duncan Jones Warcraft movie may be on course to flop in America (where it opens 10th June) but in China it’s bigger than Star Wars: The Force Awakens – it’s massive! Perhaps we’ll see sequels after all.

The Warcraft movie made around $47m in one day in China, whereas it’s on track to make just $25m at its opening in America, according to Forbes. Star Wars: The Force Awakens apparently made between $30-$33m in China in a day.

The last time something like this – but not as big – apparently happened was with Terminator: Genisys, which tanked in the US and made less than $100m all-in-all, but made more than $400m worldwide – and around half of it from China. As it stands, Warcraft should be even bigger. Duncan Jones’ film cost $160m to make.

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