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Outfit | The Palatines


Everlane linen tank top | size small
Eileen Fisher slouchy ankle pants | mine are size Large, petite
The Palatines Caelum slides in Tan | I purchased these on sale & with credits at Garmentory

I’ve been watching the Palatines for a while, but never really thought I NEEDED a pair of their shoes until these went on sale & I had enough credits at Garmentory to get them.  I chose the tan pair because I wanted a more “nude” (for me) pair of shoes to break up all my black.  And I took my normal size.  AND, they’re wonderful.

I wore them significantly for the first time yesterday (around Ikea…) and they were very comfortable aside from the leather rubbing a bit on the top of my left foot.  I’ll add some moleskine inside the shoe and fix that post haste.  The leather is superb, the sole substantial, and I really appreciate the thong inside the shoe to prevent my foot from sliding forward.  They do “flip,” which I don’t always like (noisy), but it doesn’t bother me too much.

Best of all, they’re made in Los Angeles by a small designer.  Yay ?

Yes, it’s challenging walking in slides like this, it’s easier if there’s more leather covering your foot, but they’re definitely not a shoe for traveling, or if you’re going to be walking a lot.  As Garance Dore says, they’re mostly just good for pictures.  No, I find them comfortable and easy, and of course, they convey a sense of “chic” and “devil may care” attitude that I appreciate sometimes, but I don’t find them overly difficult to walk in, these anyway.  I wouldn’t want to wear them in the city, definitely, but for my lifestyle, they’re great.

For a review of the Everlane slides, see Temporary Housewifey.  I chose to pass on those because the leather strap is very narrow, and I knew they’d REALLY flip around and be tough to walk in.

The Palatines at Garmentory (use my referral link for a $20 credit)

Did anyone else get anything during Garmentory’s memorial day sale? If you had an account, they added a little surprise in there to sweeten the deal ? I love that!!

Do you wear slides in warmer weather? Or do you find them hard to walk in?

SOURCE: Grechen’s Closet – Read entire story here.