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Number 1903: Reversing Ditko

I admire Steve Ditko’s art and the effects achieved on this story for Charlton’s Out of This World #4 (1957). In getting the effects, Ditko had the line artwork photographed and then photostats made from the negatives. You can see the initial stage in the process by looking at the original art of the cover. I found the scan online.

The story seems fairly typical for the time, though. Invaders come to Earth and of course we smart Earth people are smarter than people who can travel from another dimension. After tricking the invaders the Earth people dust off their hands and say, confidently, “They won’t be back.” But next issue there would be yet another menace. That’s not a negative…that’s just the science fiction comic book biz!

SOURCE: Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine – Read entire story here.