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Gadget Thirst Trap: the Impossible I-1, a pooping vacuum, and future ‘Matrix’ sunglasses

Hello, world! Welcome to my first weekly installation of Gadget Thirst Trap, the website edition. Some of you might know that I publish a Snapchat show every Friday under the same name. (Watch it!! Learn how to use Snapchat if you don’t know how yet!!) In it, I show you three gadgets from this past week that’ll make you super thirsty. Confused? Don’t be! Let me show you what I mean. Here are this week’s gadgets that had me begging for a sip of liquid:

Generic (Amazon)

These are some sunglasses Paul Miller bought for me. They look like they’re from The Matrix; they have built-in earbuds; they play music from a microSD card; and they record video through a pinhole camera in the front. Is this creepy? Maybe. Do I…

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