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ASRock DeskMini 110 mini-STX PC Review

Intel introduced the 5×5 mini-STX form factor late last year with the aim of creating a small form-factor PC between that of a NUC and a mini-ITX build. Compared to the NUC-type machines, the mini-STX allow the end-user to choose a CPU appropriate for the budget and requirements. We have already looked at mini-STX offerings from ECS and MSI before, but, their computing power was restricted by the use of low-power T-series (35W TDP) CPUs. ASRock's first mini-STX machine, the DeskMini, is the first unit to have full support for 65W CPUs along with a stock Intel cooler. The DeskMini is quite affordable – $130 gives the end user a chassis, H110 motherboard and a power adapter. This review analyzes the DeskMini platform, its performance and value proposition.

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